EP: 171 Darryl Lyons is a Money Expert but had Humble Beginnings to Get There

Darryl Lyons is a money expert but had humble beginnings to get there. He grew up in South Texas and experienced family money challenges as a child. He saw, first hand, how money anxiety impacts parenting, family, and relationships.  He recognized at a very young age that money is more than just dollar bills…it is life.

Darryl paid his way to go to St. Mary’s University by working nearly every day of the week as a local bank teller. This experience gave him an early exposure to money. After earning a degree in finance and another one in accounting, he was hired by a Fortune 100 company the day after graduation.

Later, Darryl made the painful transition from corporate success to become an entrepreneur. Together with two of his colleagues they started their own advisory firm called PAX Financial Group, LLC.  

Nationally syndicated talk show host, Dave Ramsey, provided Darryl a wonderful tailwind by sending over 100 referrals a month to PAX. Ten years later, PAX Financial Group became an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company in the country.

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