EP:182 Lenka and Alexander Keehnen Power Couple That Lives and Breathes Personal Development.

Lenka is yin and Alexander is yang. Lenka’s all about energy. Alexander is very systematic. Together they’re a power couple that lives and breathes personal development.

As International Speakers and Executive Coaches Lenka and Alexander Keehnen help stressed corporate managers become influential leaders. 

They believe that every person is destined for greatness, but most people never learned how to deal with today’s constant time pressure, information overload, and expectations.

Their purpose is to provide world-class education to leaders so that they can live their most beautiful life and make a bigger impact.

With their transformational course “How to Work Stress-Free” they show people step-by-step how to apply the principles of Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins in a corporate work environment.

And of course, Lenka and Alexander use these principles themselves to create the life of their dreams. Personal development their our passion: they love exploring every part of life, experiencing new things and connecting with new people every day. They read books, travel the world and connect with inspirational leaders. They learn from the best… and we pass on everything they learn.

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